Econ 714 Ph.D. Macroeconomic Theory II (2017)

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Problem sets:


Administrative stuff:

Instructors: Noah Williams and Enghin Atalay.

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday from 11:00-12:15, Sterling Hall 1313.

TA office hours: Wednesday 14:30 to 15:30, Sewell Social Sciences 6413.

Discussion Sections:

11:00-11:50: Sterling Hall 2339.

13:20-14:10: Sewell Social Sciences 6113.

14:25-15:15: Sewell Social Sciences 6113.

Previous TA's and helpful links:

Anton Babkin (Spring 2016). 2016 was the first year with the current curriculum.

Fu Tan (Spring 2015).

Kyle Dempsey (Spring 2014).